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The HYC CUP is a high-point-style championship designed to reward participation and success in our nine HYC-sponsored big boat events. Below is an explanation of the procedures and scoring system by which the championship will be administered. There is absolutely no charge to participate… other than the normal race fee. Competition begins in May and June with Down the Bay and Southern Bay Race Week and continues all the way through Frostbite and Gaboon. Standings will be shown on the HYC website, here in the Mainsheet, and in other local sailing publications.


The HYC CUP will be awarded on HYC Awards Night to the Hampton Yacht Club boat compiling the most points in HYC-sponsored “big boat” races for the season. The nine HYC races are:

(1) Down the Bay Race     (2) So. Bay Race Week     (3) Doublehand Race

(4) Hampton Sprints        (5) Masters Race               (6) Plantation Light Race

(7) Middle Ground Light (8) Frostbite Series           (9) The Gaboon Race

** Points will be awarded as per the boat’s official finish position in the fleet in which they raced.

** Except that, points will be awarded as per the final overall series score for SBRW and Frostbite.


** A Perpetual Cup will be displayed at HYC and a “Keeper Trophy” will be presented to the winner.

Scoring System:

First place = 4 points (if 4 or more boats) ; 3 points (if three boats) ; 2 points (if two boats)

Second place = 3 points (if 4 or more boats) ; 2 points (if three boats) ; 1 point (if two boats)

Third place = 2 points (if 4 or more boats) ; 1 point  (if fewer than four boats)

All other boats will be awarded one (1) Participation Point….as follows:

** To receive a Participation Point, the boat must have started the race, i.e. not DNC, DNS, or OCS.

** No Participation Point will be awarded to a boat that is DSQ for that race.

** In SBRW and Frostbite, to receive a Participation Point, the boat must have started a race on at least 50% of the days on which a race was completed and scored for their fleet.

**SBRW will be a “Bonus Point” event, i.e. one additional point will be added in each category above.

**Hampton Sprints = 3 points for first in each fleet, two points for second…or 1 point for participation.


Should there be a tie in the final standings, the following tie-breaker(s) will be applied:

– Number of events in which the boat participated

– RRS A8.1 (listing of scores)

– Results in SBRW, then Hampton Annual, then Frostbite, then Gaboon

Previous HYC Cup Champions:

2018 = Feather            (Phil Briggs)

2017 = Danger Paws    (Neil & Lis Ford)

2016 = Callinectes        (Ben Cuker)

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