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The Hampton Yacht Club Casual Cruisers is an informal group of cruising enthusiasts.  We host a variety of cruises though out the year, from simple weekend cruises within a day’s sail of the club, as well as longer cruises throughout the bay and have included locations as far North as Havre de Grasse, Baltimore, Annapolis, or St. Michaels.


Our destinations are only limited by our own imagination.  Locations can be at any of a multitude of gorgeous anchorages, Marinas, or other Yacht Clubs, in towns with great restaurants, museums and lots of other activities. 


Planning begins in the early spring at the Cruise Planning GAM at the club, where the cruise calendar is created.  Of course, additional cruises are often added as the season progresses.  This schedule is located on the web site, and cruise information is always published in our monthly newsletter, the “Mainsheet”.  Additional information is also provided via e-mail blasts, to ensure that you do receive the Cruising e-mail blasts, contact Carlie London at and ask to be added to the mailing group.  Casual Cruise members are of all ages and regardless of whether you spend your time on a sailboat or powerboat, all can be Casual Cruisers. 


How do I join?

Are you a Casual Cruiser?  Well, you might be a Casual Cruiser if you get your daily servings of fruit from rum drinks, you are not constantly trimming the sails, or your only time schedule is to arrive at the destination in time for Sundowners. All that is required is to be an HYC member and have a desire to join other boating enthusiasts. All are welcome.   


If you would like more information, contact Christina Riger the HYC Casual Cruiser Fleet Captain, onboard Argo on “F” Dock, at (757) 206-9100, or at

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