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PHRF Fleet Racing

HYC is the premiere club for keel boat racing on the Southern Bay.

PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) is the most popular way for a variety of keelboats to be able to race against one another.  For instance, someone who has a Tripp 38, someone who has a J30, and someone who has a Catalina 25, can all race under the PHRF guidelines.

 The handicap system assigns a proper number or rating for the particular boat and that is used in computing the final finish place of each boat.

There are approximately 1,000 PHRF boats on the Chesapeake Bay alone and many of them are HYC members and/or race in HYC sponsored and hosted events. Southern Bay Race Week, the Down the Bay Race, and even the Wednesday Night Races use the PHRF system to score results. All a skipper needs to do is apply for a rating, renew it each year, and go racing.

More information, rating application forms, specific criteria, and PHRF points of contact are available at:


Want to know what is up next on the PHRF calendar? Get a quick preview of HYC-hosted PHRF regattas.

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